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i moved

so for anyone still waiting for my collection

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Until The End - Let The World Burn 2x7"

Limited 2x7 inch version with some live track on the 2nd one pretty awesome stuff.Bad enough they disbanded.....

Death Threat - FGAG hoodie

DT For god and government hoodie.It`s XL but it fits like M so It looks ridiculous on my fat body...

Bishop - You`ll always...hoodie

Yeah i know I am a little obsessed with this band but hey don`t blame me they fucking rule!This time it`s a hoodie with simple hc design.

Bishop - Drugs shirt

Another great Bishop shirt red on orange so it`s barely seeable on this pic but it looks very cool!

Bishop - Asylum pre order shirt

Awesome pre order shirt in limited numbers.Grey sorry for the crappy pic.

Crosscut - Skull

Cool german underrated band very old shirt!Simple skul design.

The Misfits - Skull

No explanation needed!

Mörser - White tee

I love this shirt I love this band but you probably know this anyway!

Perth Express - Brain rocket shirt

Awesoem band from germany unfortunately they split up some time ago definitely check them out!Great design I love it but I am too fat for it!

The Misfits - Better dead on red shirt

Cool shirt no introduction needed!

Your Demise - Haile Selassie shirt

Very cool shirt by a band that released a fucking milestone of modern hc with their last album!I don`t know what they have to do with the african dictator Haile Selassie but hey it`s a cool motive.

Bishop - The Drugs vinyl

Awesome second Bishop album with an exclusive bonus track "The Joker" feat. Bradley Wintch of Wintch Mob.Great design and NOTE:
The cd version is only called "Drugs" and the vinyl is called "The Drugs".


Death By Stereo - Skull hoodie

A cool hoddie by a great band,the design is pretty minimalistic and says everything!

Death Threat - Peace and Security crewneck

Another expensive DT crewneck this time with the P&S theme also in grey.

Modern Life Is War - Crest hoodie

A great designed hoddie by MLIW,I always love their designs......

Death Threat - Black Flag Rip Off

Another great rip off shirt this time it`s DT with a grey crewneck,and damn this was expensive on ebay....

Bishop - Devil Mic

Another Bishop shirt with a cool devil design with thick print and made of heavy cotton.

Martyr AD - Face

I love this band and thanks to xstuckinthepastx their demos are available for first time in public.
But it`s really not easy to get any merch here in europe the only shirts that pop up on ebay are small (these skinny little vegetable HC kids these days....).But I got this one and I am pretty happy about it!

Charger - Ultravioletflyer

Good to have this shirt because it`s nearly impossible to get merch by these underrated UK sludgsters.Nice minimalistic design.

Integrity - MMVIII

Integrity fucking rules and their shirt designs are almost as good as their lyrical concepts.I like this one even if I am not sure who this evil looking guy on the front is!


Morning Again - As tradition dies slowly vinyl

A masterpiece on pretty black vinyl!Have it for years now still in gret condition!

Most Precious Blood - Nothing in vain pic vinyl

The same shitty pic vinyl fuck!Great record cheap packaging!

Black On Black a tribute... vinyl

Cool tribute album to Black Flag featuring Converge,The Dillinger Escape Plan,Planes Mistaken For Stars and others!

Martyr AD - The human condition ... vinyl

DON`T BUY LIFEFORCE VINYL!!!This is still one of the best,most brutal and evil groundbreaking hc records from a highly underrated band!BUT the record is stuffed in a thin cardboard piece of shit and there isn`t even a lyric sheet so fucking cheap it`s the same with every other LF record I bought on vinyl!

Bishop - Suicide Party vinyl

It`s in my top 10 of the best hc records ever!The vinyl not only has a bonus track,the design is fucking awesome really!I hink it`s limited to 250 ???

Cold World - Dedicated... vinyl

Is there any introduction needed?The best hc album that came out the last two years!great designed art.

Indecision - Most Precious Blood pic vinyl

Great album,shitty pic lp on GoodLife records........

God Forbid - IV pic vinyl

My 2nd fav GF album after Gone Forever the new one sucks ass!I hate pic vinyl because it always comes with a stupid lyric sheet and a plastic wrapper and nothing else!WTF???

Bishop - Asylum 7"

This is the pre order version with that jesus cover and some bonus stickers,and a great pre order shirt which I will discuss later!


Just a reminder these are only cheap snapshots of my newest stuff and some from my basement so don`t expect any hi def pics of my stuff don`t have the time to make pretty pics and don`t have a proper cam for this!
If you want to discuss some of the shit I posted here do so!
Cheers thx for watching!

PS:if you have a collection site of your own drop me a line!

Slugfest - Live 7"

Cool Slugfest live 7" which I grabbed at a store for 0,50 cents WTF???FUCK THE WORLD how can you sell this for that cheap!

Bishop - Bless The Dead 7"

One of my fav HC bands from the present!This is their first 7" with tracks from the demo.Great songs great 2PAC artwork.

Hard To Swallow/Manfat Split

HTS are an genius crust/hc/grind band from the UK this is their split with Manfat(I never listened to their side of the split!) pretty good shape!